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funding opportunity

Beth Cheung beth at pharma-transfer.com
Wed Sep 15 10:02:30 EST 1999

Dear Sir/Madam,

Unfortunately I have been unable to contact you by phone to discuss our
recently launched database service called Pharma-transfer.

We asked researchers to submit to us a summary (~250 words) on their current
research (one abstract per project if you have several). We then publish
this in a journal and a web site and we highlight this to world wide
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries who specifically subscribe to
us, in order to find projects to fund.

If interested the industry would contact you directly and offer funding. If
you or any of your colleagues wish to publish their abstract on our database
in order to recieve funding, they can fax or e-mail them to me. If you
require any help in drafting your abstract just sent us your best attempt
and we will edit accordingly.

There is no charge for this service at any time and we are happy to work at
any stage of progression, and covering any research that may be of interest
to our subscribing industries.

I look forward to hearing from you and I apologize again for not being able
to discuss this with you personally.

Kind Regards

Beth Cheung


Dialogue In Drug Discovery

What can we do for you?

We specialise in medical publishing and can facilitate funding opportunities
for researchers such as yourself. We will highlight your work in our journal
and on our web-site, to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
worldwide. They specifically subscribe to us in order to find projects to
fund. Therefore, if they are interested in your research they would then
contact you directly; clearly a powerful mechanism for potential funds.

What do you have to do?

Simply e-mail (in a word document - PC format) or fax us a short summary
(250-300 words), for each project you are seeking funding for, including the
amount of funding required, and that's it! After acknowledging receipt, we
will publish your work on the web-site within 48 hrs and in the monthly
update of our next issue.

What sort of research are we looking for?

We publish a diverse range including areas such as cardiovascular,
gastroenterology, gene therapy, growth, development, immunology, infectious
diseases, neuroscience, oncology, phytotherapeutics, reproduction,
respiratory disease, transplantation and drug delivery, to name a few. It is
important to realise the medium to long-term importance of regular basic
research in biomedicine.

At what stage of my research should I submit an abstract?

We publish abstracts at various stages, from early research through to more
developed projects where patents may have been filed or even granted. You
may feel you have not progressed far enough in your research to publish
anything, but even a broad-based summary of your aims will attract
industries to your work for funding opportunities.

So how much does this cost?

Nothing!!! The service we provide is FREE of charge.

How much time will this take?

We do appreciate that you are busy but we estimate this will take no more
than 25 minutes of your time, which could provide funding for your whole

Could someone try to exploit the information I provide?

If your research is in the early stages or at a later stage but you do not
wish to provide too much information, then we suggest your abstract
highlights the general aspects of your research, giving an overview as
opposed to specific details. This will therefore not jeopardize any future
patent application and will also serve to protect any delicate information
from being exploited by others.

What if I am already receiving funding?

Most of the major grant awarding bodies have no objection to recipients
receiving supplemental funding from industry. We advise you to contact your
awarding body if you are unsure of any restrictions connected to your grant.

What format should my abstract be in?

We are happy to format your abstract for you with your appended contact

How do I get further information?

Visit our web-site!! http://www.pharma-transfer.com - If you would like to
discuss this further or submit abstracts please do not hesitate to contact

Contact Person:	Beth Cheung
Address:	Ballantyne Ross Ltd
Tel:	+44 (0)171 724 5444
Fax:	+44 (0)171 724 2632
E-mail:	beth at pharma-transfer.com

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