Genetic maps in AcePerl - some are some aren't...

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Thu Nov 25 20:56:17 EST 1999

     About the giface-restart; I noticed the same thing when I was
setting up a physical-mapping database with markers, clones and maps.
Quite annoying actually that it doesn't give you the most recent data
and requires a restart.


In article <383D40FC.8F13CEA9 at cheerful.com>,
  Mark Wilkinson <markw at cheerful.com> wrote:
> Dear Group,
> Success (thanks Simon!!) - the DragonDB is now alive and kickin' on
> net!  (though this is the only public announcement of that for the
> moment as I need to remove some of the worm-related links in the
> code)
> It's basically empty (you C. elegans people will FOTFL!!), but it
> *exists!* and will fill up soon enough  :-)
> However,  I am immediately confused by something about AcePerl:  I
> several genetic maps in my database.  They all have essentially the
> structure, containing the same range of information, yet AcePerl
> displays some of them graphically, while others result in a message
> 'ACEDB server was unable to generate a picture of this object'...
> I can see no difference between one that does and one that doesn't get
> graphical representation...
> Can someone have a quick peek and tell me if there is something
> I am missing?  (or somethign not so obvious).  I have spent the past
> hours changing the content of the maps to see if I can get them to
> display, but nothing works...???  (though I did learn that I have to
> re-boot the gifaceserver in order for it to read new information from
> the database...)
> thanks all!
> Mark
> http://www.antirrhinum.net/ace/simple/DragonDB

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