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laminaria.EST est at sb-roscoff.fr
Thu Nov 25 11:51:13 EST 1999


apparently my previous message was too big and was cut. Here is the full question. I have this table with 2 entries, the name of an assembly and the number of EST this assembly is made of :
// New Acedb Query Language : AQL beta release
"LamdiScon7" 10
"LamdiScon40" 3
"LamdiScon49" 2
"LamdiScon59" 2
"LamdiScon63" 2

I would like to count the occurence of the number of EST an assembly is made of for statistic purpose, like :

17 assemblies are made of 2 ESTs
14 assemblies are made of 3 ESTs

I have tried a nested sub-query as in example 26 of the movieDB example query :

select t:2,count(select g:1 from g in @t where g:2=t:2) from t in @t

and it should be for every number as determined by the outer query, the nested query loops over all number again findings the one which are equal to the outer query. But that does not work, it does not loop over and give me only the first line as result. What am I doing wrong?


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