Genetic maps in AcePerl - some are some aren't...

Mark Wilkinson markw at cheerful.com
Thu Nov 25 09:00:28 EST 1999

Dear Group,

Success (thanks Simon!!) - the DragonDB is now alive and kickin' on the
net!  (though this is the only public announcement of that for the
moment as I need to remove some of the worm-related links in the AcePerl

It's basically empty (you C. elegans people will FOTFL!!), but it
*exists!* and will fill up soon enough  :-)

However,  I am immediately confused by something about AcePerl:  I have
several genetic maps in my database.  They all have essentially the same
structure, containing the same range of information, yet AcePerl
displays some of them graphically, while others result in a message
'ACEDB server was unable to generate a picture of this object'...  why?
I can see no difference between one that does and one that doesn't get a
graphical representation...

Can someone have a quick peek and tell me if there is something obvious
I am missing?  (or somethign not so obvious).  I have spent the past few
hours changing the content of the maps to see if I can get them to
display, but nothing works...???  (though I did learn that I have to
re-boot the gifaceserver in order for it to read new information from
the database...)

thanks all!


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