Ace4Win - dumping the database

Mark Wilkinson markw at cheerful.com
Thu Nov 25 04:40:40 EST 1999

Hello all!

Is there anyone using the new Ace4Win who has tried dumping the
database?  Have you been successful?  If so, can you contact me so that
I can ask questions about how you have your system set up as I am unable
to dump using Ace4Win 4.8b-patched.  I get the following errors:

Ace4Win is installed on drive D;
- Dumping to (any) folder on drive D results in "failed to open
//d/acedb/dump System error 2, No such file or directory"
- Dumping to (any) folder on drive C results in "System error 13 -
permission denied"

It is imperative that I dump my database ASAP (this week!!), so any
advice is much appreciated,

best wishes to all!


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