World Millennium Party takame at netvigator.com
Wed Nov 24 05:27:44 EST 1999

We are a group of youths sincerely invite you, your teachers and classmates to join a simple but 
enormous party(the) to celebrate the coming of the year of new millennium at 23:59:59 on Dec 
31, 1999. At that moment, people of over 80 countries will shout, and cars and ship will hoot. 
Especially, we will blow the Millennium BB whistle every where on the earth together.

We wish the sound of the whistle can stop the wars, hate, and discrimination expressing a great 
unity of human people regardless of races, nationality, skin color, age, and poverty. Because of 
the difference of the time zone, the sound of the whistle will spread out continuously from one 
time zone to next zone and from one region to another region lasting for 24 hours.

Whether you join us or not, please forward this message to the people you know in order to 
make party as big as it can be.  We appreciate your help and kindly attention. Wish you have a 
Happy Millennium New Year.

If you are interested to join us and get free whistles, please submit you order form at 

PS. We prepare a plenty of Millennium BB whistles for this event which is free of charge as 
long as you pay for the shipping & handling fee. If unfortunately we ran out of whistles, you can 
get your own whistle on the eve of New Millennium and make your wish.

We will join the Guinness Book of record, you are the one of the person in this record. We hope 
we will make the achievement.


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