solaris 2.7

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Mon Nov 22 12:35:02 EST 1999

Hi jean, I believe we're having the same problem as Jody with aceserver
4_7l on solaris 7.  It works fine as a foreground process but won't connect
from inetd.

> if so it has to do with the rpcgen problem
> i do not know if under solaris 2.7 you uesed or did not use the
> acedb patch to compile the server
> try bot ways

We compiled both with and without the rpcgen fix.  Neither answers to
aceclient connections.

ps shows the rpc.acedbd process does start up when aceclient tries to connect.

Without the rpcgen fix:

server.log starts logging when the aceclient tries to connect.  No report
when the aceclient is killed.  The server spontaneously auto-restarts every
1 or 2 seconds.  I.e.  the "phoenix bug" symptoms.

With the rpcgen fix:

server.log shows a single startup event.  No report when the aceclient is
killed.  No report when subsequent aceclient connections are attempted,
until the server times out or is killed.  No spontaneous auto-restarts of
the server.

I hope this helps.

- Dave

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