aceclient hanging

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Nov 17 05:24:13 EST 1999


> Hi to All,
> We have reinstalled the Solaris operating system, and now are running
> Solaris 7, before it was 2.5.  With the first one, there was an rpc.gen
> bug in the gifaceserver, so I recompiled it according to the
> instructions.  The gifaceserver from ace4.7 did work without the fix on
> Solaris 2.5.  Now the same gifaceserver and settings do not work on
> Solaris 7.  The aceclient hangs, although it does call the
> gifaceserver.  The aceclient works fine calling cnrs.  It also works if
> I use a port other than the one registered with rpc.  Anyone have any
> thoughts?
> Jody in Berkeley
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Can I just check with you the following:

1) what version of acedb are you using, it looks like 4_7, but which update
   level of 4_7 ?  If you run xace you should see the version/update in the
   title bar of the main window, it will say  "ACEDB 4_7X" where "X" is the
   update letter.

2) did you follow all the suggestions/instructions in the file

If you applied the rpcace_svc.crick fix you probably noticed that this fix was
produced on solaris.5.5.1 so it may need tweaking for Solaris 7. If you could
send me a bit more info. I will try to help.

cheers Ed

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