aceclient hanging

schwartz at uclink4.berkeley.edu schwartz at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 16 19:25:17 EST 1999

Hi to All,

We have reinstalled the Solaris operating system, and now are running
Solaris 7, before it was 2.5.  With the first one, there was an rpc.gen
bug in the gifaceserver, so I recompiled it according to the
instructions.  The gifaceserver from ace4.7 did work without the fix on
Solaris 2.5.  Now the same gifaceserver and settings do not work on
Solaris 7.  The aceclient hangs, although it does call the
gifaceserver.  The aceclient works fine calling cnrs.  It also works if
I use a port other than the one registered with rpc.  Anyone have any

Jody in Berkeley

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