newbie trouble importing .ace files

Dave Lorand davel at src.uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 4 13:18:11 EST 1999


I'm having trouble importing some .ace files which I created from
scratch.  The problem is probably my own lack of clues about ACEDB
syntax.  Here's what I've got (this is not genetic data, BTW):

---- added to wspec/models.wrm: ---------

?Action     Name UNIQUE Text

?Cycle      CycleAction Action

---- added to wspec/options.wrm: --------

_VAction        -V -CaseSensitive
_VCycle         -V -CaseSensitive

----------------- (end) -----------------

These models seem to import just fine, no syntax errors.  I should mention
that I'm not really using the "Name" tag of the Action class, because each
object has a name anyway (I'll get rid of that tag eventually, unless it
turns out that I need it).

The first .ace file I am importing is a list of "Action" objects.  The
beginning looks like this:

---- head -7 actions.ace ----------------
Action CLEAN

Action DNEG1

Action DNEG2


It goes on like that with different names and no repetition (I piped the
names through a sort -u when I was generating the file).

The trouble comes when I try to import some Cycle objects.  I get syntax
errors right away.  Here's the first object:

---- head -6 cycles.ace -----------------
Cycle 9-41
CycleAction SPOON
CycleAction EXT
CycleAction OPEN
CycleAction FEED
CycleAction END

ACEDB seems happy enough with the fist line, but the second line gives me
this error:

    ERROR: parse error near line 2 in 9-41: Unknown tag "SPOON"

This is ocnfusing, because what I thought I was doing is including an
Action object in the Cycle object.  "CycleAction" is meant to be a tag,
while "SPOON", "EXT", "OPEN", etc. are meant to be names of objects, not

Can anyone explain to me what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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