Graphical display of sequence

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Nov 3 04:59:44 EST 1999

Almost all columns in the sequence display have an associated Method
object.  There is a tag in this method object

	Right_priority <float>

The columns are sorted left to right on the value of this tag.  This
makes it easy to add another column.  If the values are within 0.01
then the columns are drawn on top of each other (can be useful if 
there is a really large number of columns).  There are also tags

	Max_mag UNIQUE Float	// don't show if more bases per line
	Min_mag UNIQUE Float	// don't show if fewer bases per line

in the Method class that, at least with recent versions of the code,
allow you to control at what range of zoom levels a column is shown.

We are working on storing specific configurations in View objects,
though not quite in the same way as with Maps.


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