Problem installing webace

F. Coulier coulier at marseille.inserm.fr
Tue Nov 2 07:36:36 EST 1999

In article
<Pine.OSF.4.10.9911011141420.6701-100000 at griffin.sanger.ac.uk>,
  edgrif at sanger.ac.uk (Ed Griffiths) wrote:
> Francois,
> I think your problem is simple:
> but $ACEDB_MACHINE is not correct, you need to do this:
> don't put the directory in front of the LINUX_LIBC5_4.
> cheers Ed

Thanks a lot.

The problem was in fact double.
export ACEDB_MACHINE=LINUX_LIBC5_4 was not working any better than
export ACEDB_MACHINE=/home/Database/..../wmake/LINUX_LIBC5_4 because I
was in the wrong directory (sources_acedb/wmake/ instead of
This was pointed out to me in another newsgroup.

Thanks to all who helped!


François Coulier,
"Laboratoire d'Oncologie Moléculaire" et "Atelier
de Bioinformatique et d'Imagerie",
INSERM Unité 119, 27 bd Leï Roure, 13009 Marseille

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