Blixem_X in the ?Method

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Mon May 31 13:18:00 EST 1999

"laminaria.EST" wrote:

> I wrote a few days ago about using blixem from ACEDB. With the help of Nicolas Pollet I have managed to get a blixem display of my blast results from the sequence window but unfortunatly, there is no locally maintained EMBL or swissprot database here, thus efetch is unable to find the sequences and as a result there are hyphens instead of amino acids in the blixem window display!
> What I understood is that it is in the ?Method model that blixem is defined (eg : Blixem_X for BLASTX method). How can I change the setting. I tried to change the blixem_script in wscripts but it is not the solution.

Whoa -- I guess I missed something. What is a ?Method object, and
can these be defined within ACeDB or Blixem? Where are ?Method
objects documented?

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