Using AceDB for non-biology data?

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> I became aware of AceDB because of an article on
it by Lincoln Stein. It
> seems to me, that AceDB might be very good for
storing and retrieving
> various types of data, including bibliographic
records and directory type
> information.
> Does anyone have experience with this, and has
anyone written software for
> this usage, for example having AceDB as a
database backend for an LDAP
> server, or simply some code to export selected
records in LDIF format?
> -Lasse

Actually, I was thinking along the same
lines...AceDB looked like a good way to store
hierarchical directory info, epsecially since I
want a fairly complex data structure including
personal biographies, pictures, publications
lists, and curriculum vitae. As soon as I have the
time, I'll be trying it out.

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