second "sequence" Class for cDNA

Doug Smith dsmith at UCSD.EDU
Mon Jun 21 09:54:45 EST 1999

I am trying to set up a second sequence class for 
cDNA sequences, a class called "cDNA".  
I used the basic Sequence class model for the cDNA 
class, modifying tags appropriately.  
I also added the following to the Options.wrm file:
   _VcDNA             -V -D FMAP

I can read the data in fine as a .ace file.
These data have no statements referring to the
Sequence class.

However, the DNA sequence is added as "Sequence"
class data.  The DNA sequence data are also included in
the cDNA class object and will display graphically,
but the comments and reference info from the cDNA
object does not display on the graphic.  
The only information displayed on the graphic is the 
information from the Sequence class object.

Further, although the cDNA object shows up as a bold
object in the Keyset window, it is not hypertext linked,
although the cDNA object can be displayed using the
"Show as Text" button.

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?
Perhaps DNA objects are linked intrinsically to the
Sequence class, and I can't do what I am trying to do?

Perhaps there is a better way to do what I am trying to do
anyway  (have 2 classes of sequence objects, one specifically
for cDNA sequences) ?


Doug Smith, Professor of Biology .... dsmith at ucsd.edu
Department of Biology, 0116; UCSD; La Jolla CA  92093
phone:  619-534-2620                FAX: 619-534-7108

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