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Gerry stemt at THESPARK.COM
Sat Jun 19 19:58:50 EST 1999

   Accidentally delete files folders? Fdisk or Format the wrong
drives? Lose data because of a virus? Are you or have you seen errors
like, invalid drive specification, invalid media type or error
reading drive c:?
Hard drives are getting cheaper and cheaper, but the data on those
drives can be invaluable. However you have options. You can send the
drive to a Data Recovery Professional and pay the price (thousands).
You can buy an over the counter retail product which may due more
harm than good, or you can use the software that the professionals
use for this type of recovery. We are for a limited time, making the
software we sell to the professionals available to the general public
to handle the out cry for data recovery software we have experienced
due to virus infection, and the simple fact that almost everyone now
has a computer. Virus scanners are great, but the fact is they can
not update virus signatures as fast as people are producing viruses.
More and more people are learning how to program. Unfortunately that
means there are more programmers capable of producing viruses. Major
companies spending millions of dollars
on security and virus protection have lost data due to virus
infection. It will get worse before it gets better. You don’t have to
spend thousands to recover your data if you have the right software.
We are making this software available to you now, at a very
reasonable cost! Act now and receive unlimited free technical support
! This won’t last long!

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