A gentle invitation

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Sat Jun 12 05:44:42 EST 1999

If the topics of personal peace, spirituality and unconditional
love ARE NOT of interest to you, please accept our sincere
apology for the errant e-mail and simply click the delete
button on your browser to make this message go away.
No trash, no recycling, environmentally friendly.

If the topics of personal peace, spirituality and unconditional
love ARE of interest to you, we invite you to visit our web
site at www.peace-works.com .  The site came on-line in
this month with the intention of providing multi-faceted
support for individual personal spiritual growth.  At Peace-
Works, we feel that personal peace is a significant factor
in influencing global peace.

You will find this site to be dynamic and committed to
serving the highest good.  Our interest is to help you
and others achieve self empowerment and the experience
of love, peace,  joy and oneness in your life.

Since beginning the formulation of our site in December
of 1998, we have observed effortlessness in bringing this
site together and we have experienced joy, peace and
love unlike any we have experienced in the past.  We are
a couple of ordinary people, Trish & John, having a
wonderfully extraordinary experience.  Won’t you join us at
www.peace-works.com and get on our e-mail list by
sending us an e-mail at maillist at peace-works.com?

P.O. Box 41601
Eugene, Or.  97404
May you experience Peace.


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