NAL's models.html

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Sun Jun 6 03:17:49 EST 1999

I agree it is worth saving exactly for the reason Brad states, and it
should be labelled for what it is -- very old examples.  As you are
putting all the current ACEDB databases up at Cornell how about making
the current models.wrm files available, that would makes the old
models less interesting.


> In article <9906051942.AA14356 at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu>,
> Dave Matthews <matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU> wrote:
> > ...
> >Yes, that web page probably seemed like a good idea in 95 but no one has
> >maintained it.  We were planning to delete it.  What do people think?
> > ...
> No!  There are some interesting ideas and data.  Put an 'obsolete'
> flag on the site if you wish, but it represents a publication of
> a body of work, and it is the sole copy.
>     --bks

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