Peace Declaration

Pavlos Chaitidis Pavlos.Chaitidis at charite.de
Tue Jun 1 11:33:18 EST 1999

Dear Colleague, 

   Many members of the academic community, from all
religions and national origins around the world, are
already raising their voice to stop this pointless war
now and follow a peaceful procedure, as the only way
that can really protect the human rights of everyone
I thus take the liberty to invite you to read the
following declaration and, if you agree, endorse it by
just giving your name, title, affiliation and
(OPTIONALLY) your e-mail address at the 


If you agree please forward it to others as well. This
statement will be communicated to mass media. 
   More than seven weeks have gone by, during which
the U.S./NATO military intervention against Yugoslavia
has incessantly continued to spread death, destruction
and misery over a large part of the Balkans. The
stated purpose of the intervention was humanitarian.
However, the means used and the results achieved have
practically defeated all original intentions. This war
seems even more senseless now that a framework for a
peaceful solution has been reached by the G-8

   U.S. and NATO have acted on their own, bypassing
completely the United Nations and the Security
Council. Thus, by striking a blow to the decisive role
that these bodies are meant to play in such crises,
NATO military commanders are attempting to establish a
new world order, in which they alone will be deciding
what is wrong and what is right, and whether sovereign
countries should be attacked. 

   With the pretext of protecting the legitimate human
rights of the Kossovar-Albanians they have brought
about extensive civilian casualties and large-scale
destruction of non-military installations. We are
witnessing the killing of innocent people (Serbs and
Albanians of Kossovo), attacks on civilian carriers,
refugee convoys, sleeping villages, medical first-aid
teams, television stations and even the Chinese
embassy. The arrogant reaction of NATO to these
unprecedented massacres demonstrates further the
inhumane nature of this intervention. All this has
resulted in the strengthening of the influence of the
very person they aimed to defeat in Yugoslavia. 

   The environmental disasters are already extremely
serious. The soil and rivers of Yugoslavia have been
extensivily contaminated by chemicals from bombarded
industrial plants and the effects will be felt for
many years and by several countries surrounding
Yugoslavia. We also warn against potentially very
dangerous incidents, resulting from missiles falling
on other countries, such as Bulgaria, where the
nuclear plant of Kozlodui is located. 

   The Balkan region has been dangerously
destabilized. Perhaps the greatest suffering has been
afflicted to the hundreds of thousands of refugees who
have been displaced from their homes as a result of
atrocities committed by all sides. Countries
neighboring to Yugoslavia are stretched to their
limits, in their effort to help these refugees. Their
economy has experienced a very serious set back which
makes their very existence now more heavily dependent
on aid provided by the U.S. and the European Union. 

   In view of all this: 

   We, the undersigned members of the international
community strongly demand that this NATO led
aggression be immediately stopped. A peaceful solution
must be sought now with the framework of the proposal
of the G-8 countries and supervised by the United
Nations. This is the only morally acceptable and
practically effective way for protecting human rights
for Kossovar-Albanians and Serbs in the Balkans as
well as for all people who suffer anywhere in the

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