metabolic pathways Dear ACEDB users, Dear ACEDB users,

Florent.Crepineau crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr
Thu Jul 22 05:09:48 EST 1999

	Dear ACEDB users,

I am trying to use the metabolic pathway display as a way to display complex life cycles. I looked for a documentation but I can not find the one written by Staffan Bergh :

(and everyone else who is fiddling with the metabolic pathways) I have written
some documentation on the MetabolicPathways display and models where you'll find
a description of how to save a 'tweaked' display and the technicalities of the
models for the display. It's available thru the documentation server


I know that the correct address is now :

Where could I find details on metabolic pathways display?

Thank you for reading my message.


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