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Tue Jul 20 13:43:34 EST 1999

Postdoctoral Position(s) Available
Candidates should have a strong background in cell biology, 
biochemistry, or molecular biology.  

We are studying structural proteins of the nucleus that have a role 
in RNA processing.  One of these proteins is concentrated in the 
interchromatin granule clusters (splicing speckles) of the nucleus 
but a sub-population is highly enriched in long nuclear tracks.  
These tracks often originate at splicing speckles and terminate 
near the nuclear periphery- suggesting that they may be involved in 
the transport of RNA, protein, or complexes within the nucleus and 
toward the cytoplasm.  The postdoctoral associate would 
determine the role that this nuclear protein may play in transport, in 
the spatial organization of RNA splicing, and in the structure of 
nuclear tracks.  The experimental approach will integrate molecular 
and microscopy techniques.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School is a growing 
institution located within the greater Boston area.  The Department 
of Cell Biology has especially strong research programs in nuclear 
and chromatin structure, cytoskeletal function, and mitotic 
architecture.  Good core facilities for microscopy and molecular 
biology are available within the department. 

Interested candidates should contact:

	Jeffrey A. Nickerson, Ph.D. (Jeffrey.Nickerson at ummed.edu)
	Department of Cell Biology and Cancer Center
	University of Massachusetts Medical School
	55 Lake Avenue North
	Worcester, MA 01655

	(508) 856-2312
	(508) 856-5612 FAX

	{ GOTOBUTTON BM_1_ Jeffrey.Nickerson at ummed.edu}

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