Cutts, acedb server rewriting

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Jul 15 06:18:40 EST 1999

In article <Pine.OSF.4.10.9907151206430.9348-100000 at adnah>,
Fred Wobus <fw at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
>A fresh start at interfacing Java to Acedb is on the
>horizon. There is a java programmer here at the Sanger
>Centre who would like to do that, so we have thought about
>The new server-client system using socket connections is
>going to help with that, that project however is still in
>its infancy.
>fred wobus.

Is there some reason this thread has my name in the subject line?  It
doesn't seem to have anything to do with any postings I've made to
this group.

It's enough to make one slightly paranoid.  :-)


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