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Paul Muhlrad pmuhlrad at u.arizona.edu
Wed Jul 14 13:10:53 EST 1999


Thanks for posing the question.  I might be interested in attending the
Vancouver workshop.  I'm not sure how long it should be--however long it
would take to learn the program to use it effectively.  There was a very
positive post on the newsgroup about the workshop held in England, so
that would probably be a good model to use. Maybe it could be held in
conjunction with one of the regional worm meetings next summer.


Danielle et jean Thierry-Mieg wrote:

> Following the question by Paul Muhlrad
> indeed there has been no acedb workshop since Cornell 2 years ago
> the development of acedb is continuing and there is a possibility
> of organizing a workshop in vancouver around june 2000 at the
> time of the HUGO conference
> among the people still using this newsgroup
> who maight be interested to come and what format would you
> recommend
>   3 days.  one week. 2 weeks as we did a few times
> if 2 weeks may be then not at the time of the HUGO
> ---
> thank you very much for any positive or negative reply
> they would all be useful
> Jean
> ---

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