Update files? Block*.wrm?

Marc mhdoman at ilstu.edu
Thu Jan 28 14:03:03 EST 1999

I am confused and need help.

My problem is incorporating the recent database files into WinAce. I have
downloaded and manually extracted the most recent database release which
contains block*.wrm files.  Previous database releases contained
update*.etc files which WinAce could recognize after extracting them to the
rawdata directory and clicking on "Update".  However, recent database
releases appear to be in the already converted block*.wrm form, which
clearly belong in the Acedb\database directory.  I have yet to find a way
to incoporate these files into WinAce.  And as far as I can tell the
available WinAce help files do not provide an adequate (if any) remedy to
get rid of my headache.


						           Marc Domanus
						           mhdoman at ilstu.edu
							    Illinois State University  

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