Y2K bugs in Ace

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jan 26 18:02:55 EST 1999

I don't believe there are Y2K problems in acedb code.  Obviously the underlying
operating system must be Y2K compliant because it makes system calls.  Dates
are stored internally in an acedb-specific format that knows the precision of
the date-time, e.g. day only, seconds, month only etc.  These always write
out as 4 digit years, but the parser will recognise 2 digit years, and map
values greater than 50 to 19xx, 50 or less to 20xx.  So there is a potential
Y2050 problem there if you use that feature in data.  It looks like we set
a maximum year of 2053 anyway, so there is a serious Y2053 problem.


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