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December 29th 1998

   (Thing in middle is a squiggle not a hyphen)

Following is the software that was added on the 
Web site since the last update notice. 

Added - StaTutor on Statistical stuff page (statistics tutor)
Added - Gepasi on Miscellaneous page (mathematical simulation of
biochemical systems)
Added - Atoms, Bonding and Structure on Chemistry Stuff page
Added - 3 different Code39 bar code fonts on Miscellaneous page 
Added - Barcode97on Miscellaneous page (Barcode generating program)
Added - Locate to the Freezer Database page (Freezer database)
Added - IEM Lab to the Miscellaneous page (Inborn errors
identification tool)
Added - DAD (drug and toxin spectral library)  to the Miscellaneous
stuff page
Added - Bloody wallpaper on Fun Stuff page (Windows wallpaper)
Added - Addiction wallpaper on Fun Stuff page (Windows wallpaper)
Added - Forceps wallpaper on Fun Stuff page (Windows wallpaper)
Added - Hypertox on Miscellaneous page (Toxicology database and
Added - Periodic wallpaper on Fun Stuff page (Windows wallpaper)
Added - Hazard font on Scientific Fonts page (Windows truetype font)
Added - Cow cloning kit to Molecular Biology stuff page (How to clone
Added - Statistics help file to Statistical stuff page
Added - Another Graph Paper Printer to Scientific Graphics page
(excellent graph paper printer)

Aubrey Blumsohn

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