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David Grant dgrant at iastate.edu
Mon Feb 22 10:17:23 EST 1999

In article <7ahibg$6e1$1 at jura.cc.ic.ac.uk>, "Ricardo Azevedo"
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> Has anyone managed to run WinAce on a Mac using an emulator?  I'm trying to
> use RealPC with Win95 but it doesn't let me increase the C drive size beyond
> a ridiculous 500MB limit.  Also it won't run on a shared folder (fatal error
> plus lots of exclamation marks).

I'm running WinAce on a Mac 9600/350, OS 7.6.1 using SoftWindows 95. So
far no problems but I haven't stressed it very much. Speed is quite
acceptable - about the same as MacAce on the same machine. VirtualPC also
seemed to work at first but when I tried to load my data I found that
_some_ of the datafiles _sometimes_ would not completely load. It was
quite confusing and I still haven't been able to figure out exactly what
is going on. The identical files loaded fine using SoftWindows. The files
that _did_ load under VPC seemed to be fine.

Haven't tried shared folders yet with WinAce but unless there's something
strange about that particular program, I expect no problems as they work
fine elsewhere.

For what its worth, I am using both VPC and SW95 to run several other
Windows programs that were anticipated to be a problem. They are
enet-requiring database programs written by government programmers
specifically for Windows boxes. I was told they would not work on a Mac
and to not even try. Of course I did anyway and of course they worked
fine.  ;-)

Richard has done a bangup job in the Ace port. I love it. In fact the only
thing that would make me happier would be a similar port for the Mac.


David Grant   dgrant at iastate.edu
USDA-ARS and Iowa State University

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