ACEDB for Windows installation tip

Richard Bruskiewich rbsk at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Feb 15 10:46:28 EST 1999

> ACEDB for Windows (WinAce) Installation Tip
> -------------------------------------------
> ACEDB for Windows differs from the UNIX versions in the manner in which
> it is installed upon your Intel PC running Windows '95/'98 or NT 4.0
> First of all, the UNIX ACEDB "INSTALL" script is *not* used to install
> anything under ACEDB for Windows - after all, it is a UNIX script!
> Rather, you start by obtaining the "self executable" (.exe) WinZip file
> of the latest release from the Sanger Centre or NCBI. This file is run
> like a normal Windows program and installs the software *only* (not the
> data).
> After successfully installation of the WinAce binary (in, say, the 
> c:\acedb directory), you will find a file, winace.html, which is the
> installation "readme" file for WinAce. I shall now be maintaining the
> latest copy of this file at the Sanger Centre, at the URL:
> 	http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Users/rbsk/winace.html
> It is useful to read the entire winace.html file for complete information
> on installation and configuration of WinAce.
> The latest C.elegans database may be installed under Windows by the
> following general process (I know it works - I recently did it on a
> "virgin" PC at the Sanger):
> 1.  FTP all the update.WS6*.tar.Z files to your machine. Remember to
>     use the "binary" FTP transfer mode.
> 2.  Uncompress and *sequentially* extract these *directly into* your
>     c:\acedb directory (or wherever you wish, as long as proper Window
>     shortcut icons are set -- see next item).  To do this, you can
>     use "WinZip" or some similar Windows PC based file
>     archive extractor (I use WinZip, which is very good shareware which
>     understands UNIX tar, Z and gz file formats).  This process
>     should correctly copy all the configuration (c:\acedb\wspec\*.wrm)
>     files and binary database (c:\acedb\database\block.wrm etc.) files
>     of the WS6 release onto you local system.
> 3.  Run the database from the Windows Start menu. Note: if you use a
>     directory name other than c:\acedb for you database, you may
>     need to modify the Windows short-cut icons in the start menu, to 
>     point to your actual database path. See winace.html for details
>     (actually, refer to winace.html for troubleshooting hints: most
>     configuration issues should be documented there :-)

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