ACeDB bug in Solaris 7?

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Dec 23 03:53:05 EST 1999


> Hi All,
> I've developed a horrible bug with ACeDB 4.7e.  I have a new Ultra60
> which got Solaris 7 (MU 4) installed on it.  Something is now terribly
> wrong.  When I try to do anything at all, the ready on the main menu
> starts to flicker, ACeDB takes over the entire window manager and
> freezes the screen.  It has to be killed from another terminal.  When
> you look at the processes running, dtwm and Xsun are taking up all the
> processor and ACeDB is gobbling up memory.  I got the newest GCC
> compiler and recompiled ACeDB.  Same problem.

I can answer this one, around this time someone inadvertantly intrduced a bug
into the code that controls acedb's version of pop-up dialogs. Basically this
bug tried to keep the dialog on top of all other windows on the screen by
calling an X routine to raise the window. Unfortunately the call to this routine
was put inside the event dispatching loop for the pop-up. As the raise routine
generates events the loop would execute which would do another 'raise window'
which would generate more events which would cause the loop to execute again
which would another 'raise window' etc. etc.

This bug did not show up straight away because of a small difference in the way
window managers behave:  if a window manager detects that an action on a window
(such as raising it) would have no effect it is allowed to dispense with
actually doing the action. So some window managers do not get overwhelmed with a
flood of 'raise windows' from acedb because they ignore them, other windows
managers (notably mwm in later incarnations) do not ignore the events and
hence quickly get overwhelmed (which is still a bug in the window manager in my 

Later versions of 4_7 (I think we are to 4_7l) do not have this problem, I know,
I fixed it. I would suggest you get the latest 4_7 code and try it. If you still
have a problem then come back to me.

cheers/happy Christmas/new year, Ed

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