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schwartz at uclink4.berkeley.edu schwartz at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 15 14:50:28 EST 1999

To all who have been answering my questions, I can't thank you enough.

Another question.  I am trying to use efetch for multiple databases
within ACeDB.  I am using several from Genbank, nr and an est database
and Unigene.  I formatted the indices with 'fastaentrynamelong.script
db' and 'mkdiv -f db', and then moved the indices to the respective
genbank database directory.  I set the EFETCH_PREFIX to each of the
directories.  Efetch nr:giXXX works.  But ACeDB doesn't have a clue
about where to find the databases.  It only looks for entrynam.idx (the
index file) in $ACEDB/database.  Which means I am limited to only one
database.  How do I get ACeDB to look at the envt. variable to find the
others?  Do I need to prefix each homology in ACeDB with the database
prefix?  It seems like I would have to do that, but I didn't see that
said anywhere.

Thanks again.

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