Sequences seem to be arbitrarily displayed or not found...

Mark Wilkinson markw at cheerful.com
Thu Dec 9 11:41:06 EST 1999

Hello all!

I have been pounding away at this problem all day and finally decided to
send it off to the group because I ran out of ideas:

first let me give you the address of my site so that you can see the
problem for yourself:


okay, now do a search for Sequence objects with the prefix ZS* - there
is quite a list of them!  Now select ZS3H7 (for example) - no problem
right?  Now select ZS1, or ZS101... a never ending loop of 'Document
contains no data'.  But if you do a search for the DNA objects you will
find that they *DO* exist!  Moreover, using XAce directly reveals no
problem at all - the sequences come up as called.  Moreover, they all
came from the same .ace read, of a single .ace file generated in one run
from the same parsing program!

I can't see the difference between the sequences which do 'exist' and
those which don't... is it a GifAceServer problem?  An AcePerl problem?
Or a Mark_Is_Dumb problem???

Any help appreciated as my bench has a forehead-shaped dent in it by

cheers all!


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