ACeDb 4_8b compiler errors

Chen Yanover cheny at CS.HUJI.AC.IL
Tue Dec 7 07:00:05 EST 1999

Hi all,

I am trying to compile ACeDB, version 4_8b sources (downloaded from
ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/acedb/ace.development/src.4_8b.tgz) on a
linux machine and receive a lot of errors (specifically, when compiling
graphcon_srk.c) - for example:

graphcon_srk.c: In function `graphLoop': 
graphcon_srk.c:264: structure has no member named `hasLoop'
graphcon_srk.c:266: structure has no member named `graphDevLoop'
graphcon_srk.c:267: structure has no member named `graphDevLoop'

Does anybody know what I am missing ? Or - where can I find linux 4_8b
executables ? 

Thanks in advance,

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