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Sharpex International is proud to announce the Release of Press
Submitter !!

Did you just launch a web site?
Did you introduce a new product?
Did you develop a new technology?
Did your company win an award?
Did your company hire a new CEO?
Did your company reach a milestone?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, then Press Submitter "
is for you.
With over 100 Million web pages on the Internet today, it is now harder
than ever to drive traffic to your web site. With so many different
options like search engines, e-zines and email campaigns many
businesses forget that the PRESS RELEASE is the single most important
avenue for driving publicity to your website.

Which is why we developed Press Submitter ".
Try Press Submitter " and you'll see why experts are calling it the
PERFECT SOLUTION for effectively promoting your business! Imagine the
power of automatically submitting your Press Release to over 10,000
different media outlets - as often as you want,
whenever you want, for one low price - all in under 30 minutes!

More Details Go To:  http://wwww.sharpspider.com/press

This is a completely new program
Press Submitter is a powerful Press Release
Submitter, which has a current contact database
of 11,000 contacts contained within. You
can Create, Edit, and Release your Press
Announcement right through one program and
NEVER have to pay a service again.

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