question about webace cookies

Guy Bottu gbottu at bigben.vub.ac.be
Thu Aug 26 10:25:20 EST 1999

I'am trying to run a webace server and I hit on a problem. The server
returns error messages of the type :

New Client 1, 1 active clients
Unauthorised access by client 1, magic = 1080201504 != look->writeMagic
= 274846
6, look->readMagic = 0

Closing Client 1, 0 active clients

I did not find much about the magic cookies in the documentation, except
the mention that the server and the users should belong to the same
group. However, letting gifaceserver.ALPHA and the perl scripts in
.../cgi-bin/... be owned by the same user does not help. Anyone a clue ?

	Thanks in advance,
	Guy Bottu
	Belgian EMBnet Node

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