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One of the most cost-effective ways to generate "hits" to your company’s 
web site is to get mentioned in the media. Even the smallest write up about 
you or your site could send thousands of customers to your site. It is a 
technique that has been used by the largest Fortune 1000 companies for years,
 and now it is available to you! Now you can get the word out to the media 
about your own product or service by emailing your own press releases. 

This opportunity is made available with PRESS PASS GOLD (PPG). A fast and 
easy way to submit your company’s press release to thousands of Media, TV, 
Radio, and Print Magazines. It includes Editor Name, mailing address, phone, 
fax, and email address along with a FREE bulk email program, so you can email
 all your press releases with a single click! Since you will be mailing to 
a "SAFE" list of editors who have requested to receive press releases - your
 press release will never be considered "SPAM". 

For more information and to review a SAMPLE press release from PPG visit: 



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