MAX of the MAX?

Florent.Crepineau crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr
Mon Aug 2 08:34:19 EST 1999

	Dear ACEDB users,

it is me again, apparently this message was lost at some point.

I would like to built a table using Table_Maker such that this table would display three columns :
the name of the EST sequence / HSP score / the best blast X result 

What I get instead is a table showing all the best blastX result for each ?Protein in the Pep_homol tag. I have tried to do the MAX search from the Pep_homol tag gessing that it would do the MAX on the set of BLASTX score and not for each ?Protein but this does not work. 
Do you have any idea how to get the MAX of the MAX?

Here is the Table definition :

// Spread sheet definition for the ACeDB software 
// Date: 1999-07-30_15:38:35

// %n (%%n in the graphic)  are parameter to be given on the command line in tace
// or by default by the Parameters given in this file
// \%n (%n in the graphic) are substituted by the value of column n at run time
// Line starting with // are ignored, starting with # are comments

Sortcolumn 1

Colonne 1 
Subtitle Table 
Width 20 
Class Sequence 

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