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problem with menu button

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Sep 29 18:02:12 EST 1998

We have found a peculiar behavior in the menu (right)
button in ACeDB 4.5. For most users, the menu button
works correctly. For one user (so far), the menu
button doesn't do anything. If you hold down the
right button, it neither highlights choices as
she pulls down, nor does it launch a choice as she
releases the right button. She can't even 'Quit'
xace, other than by killing the job or choosing
'Close' from the window menu.

We are using CDE on a Sun Ultrasparc 1 running
Solaris 5.5.1 and NCD X-terminals.

1) Even worse, this behavior seems to occur with other
(sorry, I don't know what else to call it) "primitive"-
looking X11 apps, such as xgopher, xarchie, ghostview,
or aXe. There is no mouse problem with more
"refined"-looking applications (eg. xv, WordPerfect,
CDE tools etc.) although I think that, for this
user, applications fail to launch from the Workspace
menu more often than they fail for others.

2) This is NOT a CDE problem. She has the same trouble
under OpenWindows.

3) She WAS able to run xace from a Windows95 machine
under Xwin32. Go figure.

4) We asked a support person here to look into it
and he discovered similar probelms with the
mouse in ghostview and xgopher.

5) We tried deleting .login, .profile, .cshrc, and
.dt (directory for CDE), and deleting most of the
other DOT files to make it look like she had a
new account. No luck. 

6) There is no change when logging into different
servers on the system.

Especially in consideration of 4), my best guess
is that there is a problem with X11 under Solaris
5.5.1, or perhaps with some system wide configuration
file. But, why should that affect some users and
not others?

Granted that this is not a problem specific to
xace, I would nonetheless like to get to the
bottom of this.

HEY! I wouldn't have asked if it was an EASY question!

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