A query for Webace 1 gurus

Benedict Arnold benedict.arnold at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu May 14 05:44:22 EST 1998

Hi folks,

just a quick question on how to formulate a text query in Webace 1.

Sorry, I'm a bit behind the times and haven't got round to upgrading to
Webace 2 yet, I'm working on it.

I have a search script that I've acquired from Mike Cherry and the AtDB
group at Stanford and I've successfully modified it to go to the right
object in a class, (webace?db=mendel&class=$class&object=$object)
but how do I point to a search on text items. Isuspect it has something
to do with grep and longgrep, but I'm not sure what the syntax after
the webace?db=mendel bit should look like.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks

Benedict Arnold

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