Easter eggs

Larry larry at nonam.com
Sat May 9 19:42:26 EST 1998


Glad you collect Easter eggs. We collect stamps! Maybe we could join
forces and steal software and give it to what's-his-face here. Then
everybody would be happy!


On Sat, 09 May 1998 23:41:29 +0800, Jupiter Mak <jupiterm at hkstar.com>

>Dear everybody,
>I can't believe my eyes! Where is the Easter eggs? Is here not the
>Easter-eggs group? 
>Serial number? If you got the legal copy, I don't believe the program
>not work and, I also don't believe you will not talk to the people who
>sold this product to you! Going to make the funny joke on us? Think
>By the way, will the webmaster change the group name to
>"alt.comp.software.pirate" or "alt.comp.software.advertisement.board"
>Just please don't fool me by the word of "easter.eggs", thank you!

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