S/N Partition Magic needed

Farrukh Imtiaz, M.D. fimtiaz at earthlink.net
Mon May 4 06:01:53 EST 1998

Yeah right.  Tell them I got the code PM302UK-105693. I still own a legal
copy. Software subscribers are at peril if they loose their serials and
newsgroups help them faster and better than the software manufacturer and
with no questions asked or money exchanged. Now you can dig into your gold.
Dr. Peter Gegenheimer wrote in message
<7opiGDf98QgB-pn2-pfdfdv1Vdndd at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu>...
On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 08:59:22, "Myriam Pinon" <myriam at worldnet.fr>

> Hi,
> I have an illegal copy of Partiton Magic 3 and I never had the
> code. Can anyone help me too?
> M.
  ^^  I assume this is what you think the following message is
_really_ saying. Otherwise....!#?

> Farrukh Imtiaz, M.D. a écrit dans le message
> <6i84ii$gt8 at chile.earthlink.net>...
> >I have a legal copy of Partition Magic 3.0 CD. I have lost the CDs
> >installation code. Can anyone help me  break the code or supply me with
> >one

Yes, I'll help you. I have a copy of Partition Magic which has
proved worth its weight in gold. For you gold-diggers, I'll send
your names & addresses to PowerQuest Corp., so they can contact you
about getting legal copies. (If your copy were legal, you would
already have called PowerQuest with  your name and serial # and they
would have helped you.)


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