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Hi!  You mentioned you’re interested in health foods and natural 
healing - 
have you visited the Web page where Mother Nature Herself is the 

To the chemists who tell me their vitamin B in breakfast cereal 
(made from 
coal tar) is the same as Mother Nature's, I say: “when you produce 
a bud in 
spring, I'll believe you.  Until then, I prefer to get my vitamins 
from living 
After all, it's where vitamins were discovered in the first place! 
In the 
1770's Captain Cook saved his sailors from scurvy by giving them a 
brew made 
from sprouted barley.  In 1932 vitamin C was isolated as the 
active ingredient 
in sprouts that saved the blood-vessels of the good Captain’s 

Mother Nature knows how to build bodies.  She built you from one 
near-invisible cell.  Every cell in your body has one goal - to 
keep you alive 
and healthy.  Every minute, every cell performs billions of 
reactions, yet most cells are so small you can't see them - 25,000 
fit in the 
space of an inch.

Our cells do their best work when we give them the right molecules 
to perform 
their chemical reactions.
Do you see the power of this?  Give your cells the natural food 
they need to 
work, and you will know the freedom of true health.  No more pain. 
 And no 
more fat!  When our cells are satisfied, cravings drop away like 
leaves in the 
fall.  Truly that’s been my experience from the very first month 
when I turned 
to Mother Nature for healing, rejuvenating and detox.

It's such a freedom to eat whatever you like as much as like, and 
day after 
day what you like is nourishing and gives you energy and peace.

You lose the desire and taste for junk.  Greens have what your 
body-mind is 
crying for.  

If youÆd love to learn more about Mother NatureÆs healing, please 


Sincerely, Sol (that really is my name and thatÆs my Home Page!)

Sol Azulay
Seed & Grain Technologies

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