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Doug Smith dsmith at UCSD.EDU
Mon Jun 15 22:39:36 EST 1998

I have not followed the latest developments concerning
webace and the following email from Richard last February.

Could someone let me know the latest on webace developments?


> To: acedb at net.bio.net
> From: rd at sanger.ac.uk (Richard Durbin)
> Subject: webace, perl module
> Date: 12 Feb 1998 05:29:38 -0800
> There have been several messages on the newsgroup recently about the
> problems of making the perl component of webace, and making webace
> itself run.
> We have recently managed to produce a makefile that will compile a
> stand alone perl module that can be dynamically linked into your
> existing perl, without requiring recompilation of perl itself as with
> the previous NAL version. This follows the approved way now to create
> such extensions. We intend to make this available on the acedb ftp
> sites in the near future (the next few days) and mail the newsgroup
> when we do so.
> Tim Hubbard here has also been working extensively on extending and
> developing webace, using the latest acedb code. Various experimental
> services on the Sanger Web site are using this. I expect that in a
> few weeks we will have a version that can be stabilised and made
> available to others. This uses gifaceserver to make .gif files, and
> is complementary to the Java approaches of Jean and Licoln Stein.
> Richard

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