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Dear Sirs,

We are a trade company specialized in chinese origin chemicals/ferro alloy 
export in Tianjin, China. The following is our products list. We hope it 
could be helpful to locate some items you are interested in. If you need 
more detailed information or other chemicals, don't hesitate to contact us. 
With many chemicals manufacturers back up, we are pleased to meet your requests.

Products Supplying List

 *** I Inorganic Chemicals ***

Calcium Chloride,Food Grade  	94%	25kg Poly Woven Bags

Barium Chloride	98%		25kg 	Polywoven Bags.

Magnesium Chloride		46%

Calcium Hypochlorite 		65%	40kg Iron Drums.

Potassium Chlorate		99.7%   40kg Polywoven Bags

Chromic Acid                 	99.5%

Sodium Chlorate 		99.5%   25kg Polywoven Bags.

Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate   	84.5%   25kg Polywoven Bags

Ammonium Dimolybdate         	56%     50kg Iron Drums

Ammonium Heptamolybdate      	98%     50kg Iron Drums

Sodium Bromide               	99%	25kg Polywoven Bags

Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate	56.5%

Caustic Soda Flakes          	99%     25kg Polywoven Bags

Caustic Soda Solid  		96%,99%	200kg Iron Drums

Sodium Bicarbonate   		99% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Barium Carbonate   		99%	25kg Polywoven Bags

Lithium Carbonate 		99% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Strontium Carbonate 		98% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Nickel Sulphate 6h2o 		22%     25kg Polywoven Bags

Sodium Metabisulfite 		65% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Sodium Sulfate,Anhydrous 	99% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Alumnium Sulphate

Barium Nitrate 			99% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Sodium Nitrite 			99% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Phosphoric Acid,Tech Grade   	85%     35kg Plastic Drums

Sodium Tripolyphosphate 	90% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Melamine  			99% 	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Sodium Hexametaphosphate,Tech Grade  	25kg Polywoven Bags 
					Total P2o5 68%

*** II  Organic Chemicals ***

Oxalic Acid                 	99.6%   	25kg Polywoven Bags

Formic Acid                 	85%     	25kg Plastic Drums

Resorcinol                  	98.5%   	25kg Craft Paper Bags

Sodium Benzoate Bp93        	99%     	25kg Polywoven Bags

Thiorea                     	99%     	25kg Polywoven Bags

*** III  Ferro Alloy/Metal

Ferro Silicon					1mt Plastic woven bags

Silicon Metal					1mt Plastic woven bags

Silicon Carbide					1mt Plastic woven bags

Silicon Manganese (6014/6157)			1mt Plastic woven bags	

Ferro Manganese (Low/High Carbon)		1mt Plastic woven bags

Ferro Chrome (High Carbon)			Steel Drums

Ferro Vanadium					250kg Iron Drums

Rare Earth Magnesium Ferro Silicon		1mt Supesack

Ferro Phosphour (Fe2O3)				Iron Drums

Zinc Ingot			99.99%		1mt Bundles

Lead Ingot			99.99%		1mt Bundles

Magnesium Ingot			99.9%		1mt Pallets

Autimony Ingot					1mt Wooden Box

Tin Ingot			99.9%		1mt Bundles 

Electrolytic Manganese Metal	99.7%		1mt Plastic woven bags
						250kg Iron Drums

Aluminium Ingot			99.7%		1mt Bundles

Palladium					250kg Bottles

Electrolytic Nikel		99.9%		1mt Bundles

*** Iii Others ***

Citric Acid,Anhydrous       	99.5-101.0	25kg Polywoven Bags

Citric Acid, Monohydrate Bp88    Assay:99.5-101.1%


Titanium Dioxide,Anatase    	98%     	25kg Poly Woven Bags

Sodium Hydrosulphite        	88%     	50kg Iron Drums

Zinc Oxide                  	99/99.5/99.7%  	25kg Polywoven Bags.

Best regards,

Alexis Tang
Marketing Dept.

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