Lincoln Stein lstein at CSHL.ORG
Wed Jul 22 12:00:27 EST 1998

How about this:

	ace.pl -e 'parse' *.ace


Dave Matthews writes:
 > > ace.pl actually doesn't implement the parse command (it accepts it,
 > > but nothing happens), but I can add it easily enough.  I can add the
 > > globbing feature to it too
 > Sounds good.  Though it seems like it would be tidier to put the feature
 > inside tace itself.
 > Alternatively for my purpose it would be just as good if tace commands
 > could be passed to it as a parameter from the shell commandline.  Or if it
 > could read commands from a file.  (Or can it already do this and I just
 > didn't know?)
 > In Unix, I load all the ace files in the rawdata directory with a shell
 > script like this:
 >    foreach acefile (`ls $ACEDB/rawdata/*.ace`)
 >      tace <<DONE
 >      parse $acefile
 >    DONE
 > I don't know if DOS has the equivalent of "<<" command redirection.  Maybe
 > it does.  Or maybe there's some other way to skin this cat?
 > (Has AcePerl been tried out under Windows?)
 > - Dave
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