Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Wed Jul 22 11:46:56 EST 1998

> ace.pl actually doesn't implement the parse command (it accepts it,
> but nothing happens), but I can add it easily enough.  I can add the
> globbing feature to it too

Sounds good.  Though it seems like it would be tidier to put the feature
inside tace itself.

Alternatively for my purpose it would be just as good if tace commands
could be passed to it as a parameter from the shell commandline.  Or if it
could read commands from a file.  (Or can it already do this and I just
didn't know?)

In Unix, I load all the ace files in the rawdata directory with a shell
script like this:

   foreach acefile (`ls $ACEDB/rawdata/*.ace`)
     tace <<DONE
     parse $acefile

I don't know if DOS has the equivalent of "<<" command redirection.  Maybe
it does.  Or maybe there's some other way to skin this cat?

(Has AcePerl been tried out under Windows?)

- Dave

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