WinAce Main Class Window display problem?

Richard Bruskiewich rbrusk1 at wave.home.com
Tue Jul 21 14:12:08 EST 1998

I've received a few complaints about WinAce performance similar to the
following excerpt from a user of the recent releases of WinAce:

In the main acedb window I can't highlight any of the classes, nor
can I see the text that I enter into either of the text boxes. Picking a
class works, but it just doesn't get highlighted. The same with the text
box - I can enter  text and select the corresponding object from a
class, e.g. a specific clone, but I don't see the text that I enter.

This person is running Windows '95 on a Toshiba pentium box. What I want
to know is how many other WinAce users are experiencing this display
problem, and on what machine configuration (CPU version? graphics
card/driver? OS: Windows '95/'98 or NT 4.0 WS or server)?

A bientot.
Richard Bruskiewich
Dept. of Medical Genetics
University of BC

rbrusk at octogene.medgen.ubc.ca

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