WinAce Release 4.5.5 (July 15th, 1998)

Richard Bruskiewich rbrusk1 at wave.home.com
Sun Jul 19 02:22:34 EST 1998

A new release of WinAce is now available at NCBI
(~ftp/repository/acedb/winace) and Sanger (~ftp/pub/acedb/winace).

Note: the 4.5.4 problem with unprivileged NT users is repaired.
Blixem/Dotter work well now. Email is enabled. Several additional minor
bugs are fixed and some new features have been introduced.

**** SPECIAL NOTE: The latest release is compiled with the Microsoft
Visual C/C++ Release 5.0, in which Microsoft has indicated that the
Intel DX486 instruction set is no longer supported in code generation.
If this is a potential problem for users, please contact me. If there is
sufficient demand for legacy 486 code, I will attempt to "back compile"
some version of the software back to this older platform.

Please contact me should you encounter any other problems or bugs
with the installation or the software.

Richard Bruskiewich
Dept. of Medical Genetics
University of BC

rbrusk at octogene.medgen.ubc.ca

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