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We performed an in depth search of Web Crawler, AltaVista, 
AOL, Lycos, Excite, Infoseek, HotBot, Magellan, and 
LookSmart search engines looking for people that may be 
interested in "number one position" for their business.
>For every 30,000 people listed in the search engines there 
is only one NUMBER ONE. Those Number One people make more 
money on the Internet than the total of the rest. They are the 
"stars" of the Internet. They drive the nice cars, own the 
large houses, and take vacations to Tahiti. BE NUMBER ONE NOW
>The Internet's unprecedented growth. (It is predicted to 
grow by 2,000% before 2002). Nothing in history even comes 
close. The Internet reached 10% of its estimated total 
potential in April 1998. There is still 90% to go.  
>Bill Gates stated: "Any business not on the Internet within 
4 years will not be in business. NOW . . . NOW . . . NOW . . . 
NOW . . . BE NUMBER ONE NOW. I do not know how to stress
it more. You will be a "star" in a very short time. BUT NOT
 WITHOUT NUMBER ONE. You can make the money you need 
and it is not just a dream. There is no magic involved and no 
secrets. It just takes Number One exposure around the world.  
The tragedy is that search engines Number One Positions 
remain in short supply.
>My name is Dr. Kimberly Ashley, just call me Kim when 
you write. My very old brother, Ron, just kidding, he is only 
58 and I am 26. Ron realized the need several years ago 
for a computer program that would take web sites to Number 
One. We felt there must be a way to accomplish this and I 
started working with equations and code.
>It was more difficult than I expected because of the 
"spiders" that visit web sites on a routine basis.  "Spiders" 
are electronic information collectors. Search engines send 
"spiders" to all web sites. They perform a through inspection 
of your hard drives by crawling over the surface and gathering 
all the desired information. The "Spiders" go back to the 
search engines with a rating for every site they visit. 
>The fight for Number One is with the "spiders" at each 
individual website. Sometimes it seemed hopeless.  
However, I am not one to give up. Then in September 97 I 
developed Web Fusion. Web Fusion feeds the "spiders" 
the information we want them to have. Over 800 separate 
items have some influence in the rating of a site.
>Would you like money flowing out of your computer everyday 
and right into your bank account. You could be loosing thousands 
of dollars a day for everyday you delay. It depends on you. 
Do you know what realtors' say is the most important single item 
when buying real estate? It is "location, location, location". 
It is the same on the Internet. "Location, location, location". 
Without number one location or close to it, you sell nothing 
>Now let me warn you about the other people that claim 
they can get you Number One. I personally checked every one.
 If you want to waste several months or maybe a year just
 watching your bank account dwindle, you should use them. 
The Internet will pass you buy while you wait for them to do 
something. If they do get you Number One, I'll just come along 
and take the top spot from you for one of my customers and 
you will be out in the cold.
>They take your money, do a few changes to your URL and 
hope for luck. They do not know the 800 separate items needed 
for Number One or even 100 of them. Just ask them. They will 
tell you about 20 things they do. Those 20 are printed in 
magazines and books. What you are paying for must be permanent. 
You do not want to get a nice business going and then loose it.
 Number One position must be permanent or it will not work. 
>Web Fusion will reside in your web site. It will guard 
your site like the "Marines" guard our country. When a 
search engine "spider" arrives, Web Fusion goes to work 
for you and keeps your score on top. Generally in the 
number one position. HURRY, NUMBER ONE TODAY
1.	URL
2.	E-Mail
3.	Name
4.	Business Name
5.	Phone Number

STEP TWO: We will give you our e-mail address 
and our Website URL.
STEP THREE: We view your site for quality and 
quantity of content then get back to you. (no X-rated)

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