booleans on existence in tablemaker

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Mon Jul 6 22:15:29 EST 1998

Frequently I'd like to be able to ask tablemaker to show only lines that have
a value in one OR another column.  E.g.

Colonne 1 
Class Sequence 
Colonne 2 
Class Keyword 
>From 1 
Tag Keyword 
Colonne 3
Class Text 
>From 1 
Tag Title 
Condition *gene*

Colonne 4
Condition %2 OR %3

Column 4 is my wish, doesn't really work.  I want it to show a line if 
either column 2 or 3 has a value.  Is something like this possible?

- Dave

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