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Wed Jul 1 17:46:10 EST 1998

Hi All ACEDB Elders,

I am trying to set up a new version of ACEDB.  I am having some problems. 
Could anyone tell me how to get efetch working in blixem?  Do I need to get
efetch and compile it separately?  Are the settings for it in the source code
or are they accessible within ACEDB?  Is there any documentation for it?  My
new ACEDB comes with blixem, but it doesn't efetch anything, so I get no
sequences.  I do not even know if efetch is part of the executable.  Is there
anything else I need to get efetch working and how do I do it?

The other problem  I have is that I do not know where the information needed
for an EMBL dump for a clone (in .asn format) is.  When I try to do an EMBL
dump, I get a request for a format file.  I have, in an old corrupted
version, a file called embl.c and one written by someone for us (called.asn),
which I assume is the thing I need to incorporate, I just do not know how,
nor what else I might need, since this utility seems to be partially working
on the default version.

Thank you for any suggestions.
Jody Schwartz
UC Berkeley

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